Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RAWbOTz: "Voices" by Richard Schemmerer


by Richard Schemmerer


Voices of consent of conflict of unison dropping out of open mouths like saliva from a man who just got tasered unable to control his motor functions or the emotional upheaval caused by the law of natural order of unison in disharmony.

In the depth of all decent from the norm lays the need to establish ones point of view, a perspective that looks from the bottom up a hierarchy that seems like an unattainable steep slope with god like figures on top defending their status.

There is no manual no description of skill levels or grades of success that guaranty access to the stage of prosperity but there is an exit sign for the ones who don’t belong to be leaders of the pack.
Nobody knows how to skin a small animal but we are very adept in pushing buttons, to turn on machines who do the work for us.
Even thinking has been outsourced to calculators and other devices with huge memory banks accessed for their benefit by marketeering entities. Weaving bionic yarns is not going to be enough if amoral behaviors are circulated like weapons of mass distraction shifting the focus away from the need to address each issue head on like in a collision of like-mindedness.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

RAWBOTZ: " Songs for the time being" by Richard Schemmerer

Songs for the time being

song one


Talking street talking real talking beat rhyming with build in timing
Biting my tongue eating my song finding my say loving the day
Nobody is what they could be nobody does what they about to pray
Timing my way timing my pray living out loud what I have to say

Busting a rhyme it’s about time busting a prayer like I am the slayer
Repeating the slam dance like a bum making it all come together
Quoting the man that makes it all pop letting it rock
Jamming it together bright sky over me let it be me

Timing my way timing my pray living out loud what I have to say

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RAWBOTZ: "A view of the World" a life style blog by Ray Solar

"A view of the World" a life style blog by Ray Solar

Welcome to RAWBOTZ

Promised Land

Welcome to a view from
Before the adrenaline rush hits below the belt
A view of the world form outside
The system of ignorance while we are
Slipping slowly into a predestined future
The poisoned well of commercialized identity
Beached on synthetic couches like hunted whales
There is nothing average about humans
So why are we behaving like zoo animals
Questions arise about the meaninglessness of it all
While we fight for every breath we take
Solitude is not an option but
Alternatives are the way the path and the goal
Don’t eat my shit and feed yours to anyone else
I am not a hero not a victim not the preacher
I am the unfolding possibility
That has to choose between the right and the wrong options
That throw themselves infront of me naked with temptation
To infuse me with prose and confuse sex appeal
Because my lust for life betrays me with promiscuity
Around every other corner of Promised Land

by Ray Solar